The new trend in coworking is called “coffice”.
Coffee + Office
— carole&axel

A post-modern interpretation of the office

Coffeeshop and office for a new concept of coworking. Coco Coffice Barcelona is the ideal spot for nomad workers tired from working or studying from home or from crowded cafés and for all people looking for a different place to read a book quietly, concentrate, or change the world!

No strings attached.

Stay one hour, two, the whole day, one week or even a month. In our coworking-café we offer total flexibility as well as coffee, tea & snacks to remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, students, etc.





+34 931 428 536



Calle Manso 17
08015 Barcelona
Poble Sec


Standard Mon – Fri
9:o0 am – 7:30pm
Mon . Thur 9:30 am - 19:00
Friday 9:30 am - 18h30
until 10/09


VAT. incl.

the 1st

Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm

3 €
from the 2nd

coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
The kitchen is all yours, Make yourself at home!

30 € 

Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm


coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
10 hours you can freely use whenever you feel like it. The pass is not restricted by an end date.
1 hour in the meeting booth included



Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm


coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
Spend the whole day with us. Eleven hours in a row for the most productive journey.

65 € 

Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm

coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
A special project needs full dedication? Enjoy 5 days in a row at Coco from 9:00 to 20:00
5 hours in the meeting booth included

135 € 

Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm


coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
10 days you can freely use whenever you feel like it. The pass is not restricted by an end date.
10 hours in the meeting booth included


Mon – Fri
9am - 7.30pm

coffee, tea, fruits & snacks included
Rather long-term oriented? We adapt ourselves to your needs. Spend a whole month with us!
22 hours in the meeting booth included

Meeting Room Booking (1€ extra/person/hour) 


Space rental for events. Coco Coffice is available to hire for a range of events, from corporate breakfasts and private celebrations to filming and photoshoots.

Corporate Breakfasts
Location for photoshoots and filming
Team-building events
Baby-showers and private celebrations

For custom-made proposals, please contact Axel: contact[a]cofficebarcelona,com

How it works?

Picto-1 copie.jpg

Come in!

Picto-2 copie.jpg

Check-in at the reception desk by giving your name. We take note of your time of arrival.

Picto-3 copie.jpg

Choose the spot you prefer whether you want to work, find inspiration, read, study, relax...

Picto-4 copie.jpg
Picto-relié-au-4 copie.jpg

Feel free to go to the kitchen where you will find freshly made coffee, tea, water, snacks, fruits...


Whenever you are finished, check out at the reception desk and pay as you go See prices.


Extra beverages and food such as detox juices, sodas, cereal bars, chips, etc. that you can't find in the kitchen area are not included in the hourly fee.

Any started hour is due.

If you decide to stay longer than 5 hours, the daily fee of 18€ will apply (VAT incl.).


Extras services


Meeting room booking (4 people max.)

Mini-boutique with stationery by Octagon Design

Venue booking for events

Picto-wifi copie.jpg

We will be happy to answer any question you might have!


join us!

Calle Manso 17
08015 Barcelona

Mon – Fri, 9am- 7.30pm

T: +34 931 428 536

"What do you get when you cross a café and an office? The answer is a Coffice. " Dhara Ranasinghe,

Coco is the first coffice of Barcelona, a new concept of coworking for nomad workers willing to find their inspiration in a cosy and inspiring café. 


Carole Touati & Axel Ruis, Co-founders




Frequently asked questions

DO i HAVE to be A member?

No, you can drop by whenever you need. From Monday to Friday 9am-7.30pm.

What kind of package do you offer?

We offer the possibility to stay, one, two, three, or four hours a day, and different passes:

  • Daily pass (more than 5 hours)

  • 10h pass

  • Weekly pass

  • Monthly pass

How do your passES work ? Can I use the hours/days whenEVER I want or is THERE an obligation to use them in a row?

The only passes that expire are: :

  • Weekly pass: 5 days in a row

  • Monthly pass: 30 days. You can start it anyday of the month.

The other passes don’t expire.

DO I HAVE to book before coming?

No need to book, you can drop by whenever you need. From Monday to Friday 9am-7.30pm. Check in at reception, and make yourself comfortable.

We recommend to book the meeting room in advance though. Send us an email at

How does the meeting room WORK?

Our meeting room is suitable for 4 people. It has a glass desk and chairs, as well as a writing board. If you want to use it, it’s better to book it in advance at or calling us at +34 93 1428536 Its price? One more euro per hour and per person. For example, if you stay 2 hours in the meeting room with a client, you’ll pay 5€/person for the first hour, then 4€/hour/person for the second hour, total 18€.

What is included in the price?

At Coco Coffice, you don’t just pay for a comfortable place, but also for:

  • Unlimited buffet (coffee, tea, and others drinks, snacks and fruits…)

  • High-speed Wifi 5G, 300Mo

  • Quiet & cosy atmosphere

  • Friendly and caring staff ;)

What are the opening hours ? Can I come AT weekendS?

Coco Coffice is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7.30 pm.
We are not open at weekends, except for events and workshops.
It’s also possible to rent our space during the week or the weekend for your private events.

When DO I pay? What are the means of paiements accepted?

You can pay cash or by credit card when you leave the space.

Can I have guests? If yes, at what price?

All our prices are per person. You can come with guests, but they will pay the classic price. If you want to use our meeting room with them, please book before coming at or calling us at +34 93 1428536


We kindly ask our users to turn their phones to silent in the main room. There is a booth where you can make and take phone calls at no extra charge. The booth can also be booked.
The other possibility is to use the meeting room (1€ extra/person/hour) or our tables on the outdoor terrace if the weather alows it !

Sometimes, I work in cafés, but it’s not ideal to work in team, have call or see a client.

For calls, interviews and meetings, you can use our meeting room (1€ extra/person/hour) or our booth, no extra charge.
Both can be booked in advance at or calling us at +34 93 1428536


Is it possible to privatize your space for personals events?

Yes, our space is available for private and professional events. Please contact Axel at

Do you have a printer? If yes, what is the price of a copy?

We do. Black&white only. It’s 20cts € per copy. We include 3 black & white copies per visit.

What is the quality of the wifi?  

Wifi is 5 G, 300Mo

Is the space secure?

Yes, there’s always someone at the reception to watch the comings and goings. Moreover, the door is closed and you have to ring the bell to enter.
You can totally go to the toilet without taking all your belongings with you ;) Not very common in Barcelona...


You have another question? Contact us at





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